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The only salt-iodine spa of Budapest is now open to the public



Budapest's only iodine-salt spa - due to operation losses - was closed years ago: the open-air bath section stopped receiving guests since 2001 and the thermal bath section since 2005. The renovation works commenced at the beginning of 2018, and the thermal bath previously closed down was re-opened in December 2018, while the open-air bath and thus the whole complex were handed over to the public on 10th July 2019. During the renovation, a thermal and an experience spa with thirteen pools were built and are intended to be open to guests throughout the year.

During the current renovation, not only has the domed Turkish style bath been refurbished, but a new building of 4,300 sqm was also added. There are ten pools available in the indoor areas (iodine-salt thermal pool, other thermal pools, children's pool, experience swimming pool, along with traction baths and bath spas, immersion pools and Kneipp pool available in the medical treatment section), while the outdoor space offers a refurbished wave pool along with a children's pool and a standard swimming pool. The sauna world will function in a separate zone after the entire premises have been made open to the public. Within the spa area, a car park with 120 parking spaces has been built.