Prices from 10 July, 2019

Entrance ticketsWeekdaysWeekends
Combined tickets (basic zone + sauna world) (1)
Ticket for adults3 600 Ft3 800 Ft
Basic zone
Ticket for adults2 800 Ft3 000 Ft
Ticket for children, students and senior (2)2 400 Ft2 600 Ft
Swimming ticket for 2 hours between 5-7 pm (3)2 200 Ft-
Family ticket I. (1 adult + 2 children)5 200 Ft5 600 Ft
Family ticket II. (2 adults + 2 children)8 000 Ft8 600 Ft
Family ticket III. (1 adult + 3 children)6 400 Ft6 900 Ft
Family ticket IV. (2 adults + 3 children)9 200 Ft9 900 Ft
Sauna world (exclusively for people over age of 14)
Sauna world / Deposit (4)1500 Ft / 1 000 Ft
Complimentary ticket to sauna world800 Ft

Season ticketsPrice
Ticket for 15 occassions38 200 Ft
Ticket for 15 occassions for group use40 500 Ft

Massages20 minutes45 minutes
Aroma massage3 100 Ft5 500 Ft
Thermal massage3 600 Ft6 400 Ft
Refreshing head massage2 300 Ft
Refreshing leg massage2 300 Ft
Pedicure3 200 Ft
Spa pedicure (pedicure + 20-minute-long leg massage)4 000 Ft

Erzsébet Spa massages (60 minutes)SingleDouble
Harmony aroma massage8 500 Ft13 000 Ft
Royal thermal massage9 500 Ft15 000 Ft

Other services

Towel1 000 Ft1 500 Ft
Swimming suit1 000 Ft1 500 Ft
Other services
Safe600 Ft
Textile swimming cap900 Ft
Swimming cap for one use300 Ft
Loss fee for proxy watch2 100 Ft
Cabin ticket (open-air area)600 Ft

(1) Basic zone: inside thermal pools, wellness pool, children pool; outside thermal pool,wave pool, children pool
Sauna world: saunas (panorama -, outside and inside Finnish saunas, salt-infra sauna, steam chamber)

(2) Children ticket is valid for children between the age of 3 and 14.  Seniors and students are asked to present their license or ID in order to verify their right for the discounts.

(3) Available only on weekdays, except holidays. Additional charge for overtime: 600 Ft deposit. Deposit can be paid only in cash.

(4) Ticket is valid only to the sauna world for 3 hours. Deposit for overtime: 1,000 Ft. Deposit can be paid only in cash and in advance.

By purchasing the entrance ticket visitors automatically accept the Policy Statement of the bath.

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